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An online digital music store featuring high-quality live recordings of the Belly Up nightclub's favorite acts.

Many of the world's greatest bands have performed live at the legendary Belly Up nightclubs over the past three decades. Some of these bands were "new and unknown" at the time, but soon became superstars.. Bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford and Sons, No Doubt, The Black Eyed Peas and many, many more.

Until recently, the only way to experience music at the world famous Belly Up was to come to a show. Now, Belly Up Live is your chance to enjoy live performances of exciting Belly Up shows, anytime. It is also your chance to own a bit of history by having recordings of shows by bands while they're being discovered, whether you made it to the show or not!

Belly Up Live downloads let you enjoy the incomparable energy of a band's live performance anytime with professionally mixed, edited, and mastered recordings and an affordable price.

Download entire live shows, or download singles from different shows... Either way you will own great new music and maybe even discover an amazing act before the rest of the world!

To purchase a Belly Up Live performance just click the "buy" button to set up an account (or use as a guest), and a link for your music is available immediately. Your information is not used for any other reason and you will not receive any other emails from us unless you request them.

Belly Up Live: your non-corporate alternative for great music.



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